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Commercial Performance Coatings ALK-280 Low VOC Resin Now Available in Pails

July 2, 2013

Product Information

ALK-280 is an alkyd resin that has been formulated to provide a 2.8 or less voc topcoat when tinted with LIC/CPC H-series tints. This resin contains Tertiary Butyl Acetate as one of the exempt materials and is compliant in most of the U.S and Canada. In areas where TBAc is not yet considered exempt, the VOC of a tinted color could be as high as 3.58 lbs/gal. Please refer to the TDS for additional information (CPC71).

Marketing Information

ALK-280 has been available in drums for many years, however due to market demand; we are adding this new size. The resin, in this container is produced in a full fill pail.

Inventory for this new size is currently available at the Lima, OH distribution center.

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