PPG Refinish Notification
Aquabase Plus P999-CS35 Lapis Sunlight

November 25, 2013

Product Information

PPG is committed to meeting the demands of collision centers and helping them achieve profitable growth by delivering products that are an accurate match to OEM finishes and effective and easy to use. P999-CS35 Lapis Sunlight is an example of this commitment and is being launched into the AQUABASE® Plus waterborne basecoat system.

Marketing Information

P999-CS35 Lapis Sunlight is made from a special effect pigment based on a metal oxide coated, silicon dioxide flake. This creates an unusual interference effect characterized by a smooth flowing transition from one color to another.The special effect OEMs have achieved by using these pigments is difficult to replicate in refinish lines which do not contain the toner.

Since the usage of this toner will be low it is being launched as a “Limited Use Toner” (LUT). LUT use status is built into PPG’s color systems. When a customer accesses a color formula containing P999-CS35 Lapis Sunlight a warning will be displayed:

“Warning, contains P999-CS35 limited use toner. Please check available stock prior to mixing.”

Color Information

The following formulas have been matched using D9024:

OEM OEM Code      Description First Year      Brand Code
Nissan          RBD Dark Blue 2012 92BFB
Toyota 221 Blackish Ageha      2013 441TB

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