PPG Refinish Notification
Vibrance Collection VM4380 Prism Silver

February 2, 2012

Product Information

  • VM4380 Prism Silver is a new Prizmatique II® special effect pigment that is currently used in one OEM formula (see below).
  • VM4380 Prism Silver is made from a unique, multi-layer flake that gives the paint finish the ability to change color. When viewed from different angles the pigment gives silver metallic colors a rainbow-like effect
  • The special effect OEMs have been able to achieve using this type of pigment is difficult to accurately match in refinish systems that do not contain the pigment.
  • OEMs are expected to launch further colors containing this type of special effect pigment in the future.

Marketing Information

  • VM4380 has been designed to improve the overall color capability of PPG’s Deltron® 2000 DBC and Global Refinish System® BC basecoat mixing systems.
  • VM4380 Prism Silver is a “Limited Use” toner
  • “Limited Use” status is built into PPG’s color systems.
  • When a customer accesses a color formula containing VM4380 Prism Silver a warning will be displayed:
    “WARNING contains VM4380 limited use toner. Please check available stock prior to mixing”

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