PPG Refinish Notification
Vibrance Collection VM4370 Super Fine Liquid Metal

September 5, 2012

Product Information

  • VM4370 Super Fine LIQUIDMETAL™ pigment is a new special effect that is currently used in two OEM formulas.
  • VM4370 Super Fine LiquidMetal pigment is made from unique plating or “leafing” metallic flake that gives the paint finish the ability to appear like molten metal.
  • The special effect OEMs have been able to achieve using this type of pigment is very difficult to accurately match in refinish systems that do not contain this pigment.

Marketing Information

  • VM4370 has been designed to improve the overall color capability of PPG’s DELTRON® 2000 DBC, GLOBAL REFINISH SYSTEM™ BC and NEXA AUTOCOLOR® 2K® basecoat mixing systems.
  • VM4370 Super Fine LiquidMetal effect pigment is a “Controlled Limited Use” toner
  • “Limited Use” status is built into PPG’s color systems.
  • When a customer accesses a color formula containing VM4370 a warning will be displayed:
    “WARNING contains VM4370 limited use toner. Please check available stock prior to mixing”

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