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Vibrance Collection VC5200 Vibrance Custom Clear

December 10, 2012

Product Information

VC5200 Custom Clear is a high solids, easy to apply urethane clearcoat built specifically for the custom market. VC5200 provides the following features and benefits:

  • Exceptional vertical hold
  • Outstanding gloss and appearance
  • Easy to buff
  • User friendly, 1 : 1 mix ratio
  • New larger pack size
  • Meets National Rule VOC requirements for 2 component clearcoats

Marketing Information

  • VC5200 VIBRANCE COLLECTION® Custom Clear was designed for custom finishers, and is an easy to use clearcoat that provides outstanding gloss and excellent fill over stripe edges.
  • VC5200 has a one to one mix ratio with VH7980:
    VH7980 Custom Clear Hardener (in hot conditions, over 90°F add 10% retarder)

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