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Vibrance Collection Big Flake

December 5, 2012

VM4420 Mini Gold
VM4421 Mini Silver
VM4422 Red
VM4423 Orange
VM4424 Blue
VM4425 Purple
VM4426 Green

Product Information

Seven new, brilliant flakes that will add vivid color and sparkle to any custom finish. VM4420-VM4426 are the newest addition to the Ditzler® Big Flake line, adding a wide range of vibrant colors and effect to the Vibrance Collection®.

Marketing Information

Ditzler® Big Flakes can be used to create a wide range of basecoat and tri-coat custom color formulations. They can be added directly to basecoats or used as a ground coat for Radiance® II midcoats. They can also be added to color blenders or Radiance® II and used as a midcoat/pearlcoat effect.

The Ditzler® Big Flake color card has also been updated with all 13 available flakes and will be available to order shortly. Watch your email for that announcement!

In celebration of the new Ditzler® Big Flakes, a special promotional price is being offered for the 6 existing Ditzler® Big Flakes.

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