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OneChoice Commercial CFX-1000 High Build Additive

August 4, 2011

Product Information

CFX-1000 is designed for use in various post-mixed Industrial (CPC/LIC) and Fleet/Commercial Transport (CT) topcoat qualities. Since it is utilized in products from two different business segments, we have added this into a new brand, OneChoice® Commercial which will house products that could cross between both of these segments. These products are only utilized among the Commercial Coatings brands and not within Collision.

Marketing Information

CFX-1000 is a replacement for OMNI® M339 and Specialty Performance Products SFX1151 which are discontinued. Testing of CFX-1000 shows that when this product is used as a one-for-one replacement of the discontinued version and is applied with conventional or pressure pot equipment at recommended film builds, there is no change in performance. Observations are that the film may be a slightly “smoother” than previously experienced with the discontinued versions.

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