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NEXA Autocolor P425-991 Fine Satin Aluminum

July 5, 2012


In the middle of 2008, the NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand introduced the concept of the “limited use toner”. A toner is designated “limited use” if it appears in only a small number of color formulas. “Limited use” status is built into Nexa Autocolor brand customer color retrieval systems. When a customer accesses a color formula which contains a “limited use” toner a warning is shown:

  • WARNING, contains P425-991 limited use toner.
    Please check available stock prior to mixing.

In this way the Nexa Autocolor brand can offer customers the most accurate color match without asking every mixing machine user to carry inventory of a toner that might only be used rarely.


Product Information

The “limited use” status assigned to a toner is not permanent and can be changed as the number of colors containing the toner increases. It is planned that the following 2KTM toner will have the “limited use” status removed because the number of color formulas containing the toner has grown significantly.

Toner Description Number of Color Formulas
P425-991 2K Fine Satin Aluminum 140+

P425-991 2KTM Fine Satin Aluminum was launched in September 2011. P425-991 filled a gap in the 2KTM mixing system in the fine particle size range. At the time of launch 12 colors were matched using P425-991. By April 2012, 179 colors had been matched using P425-991 and the number continues to increase.

The removal of the “limited use” status means that the warning will no longer be displayed on customer color retrieval systems.

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