PPG Refinish Notification
Global Refinish System D747 Cyanine Blue

March 5, 2012

Product Information

  • A number of OEMs have started to use advanced pigmentation to create cleaner, more intense colors.
  • D747 Cyanine Blue is made from a highly chromatic, red-shade phthalocyanine blue pigment with a neutral flop.
  • The special color effects OEMs have been able to achieve using this pigment is difficult to match accurately in refinish product lines which do not contain the pigment.
  • The OEMs are expected to continue to produce colors containing advanced pigments of this type in the future.
  • D747 Cyanine Blue has been designated a “Limited Use Toner”.
  • D747 Cyanine Blue needs to be stirred like any other Global toner and requires a position on the mixing machine.

Marketing Information

For the launch, the following colors have been matched:


Variant PPG
KIA H5 Java Brown 2009   Prime 923484
Hyundai H5 Brown 2011 2011 Prime 930235
Honda G520M-S Matcha Creme 2003 2006 Prime 904361
Mitsubishi T69 Medium Blue 2006 2011 Prime 910125
Mazda 32J Iris Blue 2005 2005 Prime 910501
Mazda 38J Celestial Blue 2009   Prime 921605
Honda B572P-S Dyno Blue II 2010   Prime 929559
Suzuki ZRZ Boost Blue 2010   Prime 930006
KIA FBD Electronic Blue 2011   Prime 931934
VW LB5K Reef Blue 2010   Prime 932090

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