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Envirobase High Performance EA157 Undercoat Accelerator

January 5, 2012

Product Information

EA157 Undercoat Accelerator is a low VOC accelerator designed specifically for use with ECP1X A-Chromatic Primer Surfacers.

Marketing Information

In order to enhance the dry time and workability of the ECP1X A-Chromatic Primer Surfacers, PPG is introducing a low VOC Undercoat Accelerator, EA157. EA157 Undercoat Accelerator is designed specifically for the ENVIROBASE® High Performance ECP1X A-Chromatic Primer Surfacers when used for spot repairs.

Features and benefits of using EA157 with ECP1X A-Chromatic Primer Surfacers:

  • ECP1X Dry-to-sand time from 90 minutes to 20-30 minutes (air dry @ 68°F / 20°C)
  • To be used for spot repair only (2 square feet or smaller)
  • Add up to 10% EA157 to RTS ECP1X A-Chromatic Primer Surfacers
  • Unique twin-neck bottle for easy dosing and easy pouring
  • Mix by weight formulas are currently available on PaintManager™
  • Refer to Envirobase High Performance Technical Bulletin ETB002 for additional information

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