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Delfleet Essential ESM132 Ultra White

May 1, 2012

Product Information

ESM132 Ultra White is a high hide white mixing base for the Delfleet Essential® line. It can be used alone or tinted with other Essential mixing bases to provide improved hiding formulas in whites. Depending on the color, a one- to two-coat reduction in coats to hide can be expected. Tan or pastel colors can be created as well.

ESM132 is not a direct replacement for ESM126 white toner. Therefore, several key high volume white colors have been preformulated with this new toner. They can be found under the new paint system ESSS High Hide in the color software or online. Original formulas using ESM126 can still be retrieved under the ESSS Solid paint system. When comparing actual cost to mix between the two formula options, the ESSS High Hide formulas have lower applied costs.

Preformulated Colors

2058 2185 (12) 3620 (YO)
4289 (YZ) 8000 8001
8717 8777 8826
90213 90604 (NAV9219) 90955
91328 (N0007) 903653 (817) 911001 (N0006EA)
911218 (N0010) 920335 924865


Associated Products

  • ESH200 Single Stage Hardener
  • ESX500 Fast Activator
  • ESX510 Standard Activator
  • ESX520 Slow Activator
  • ESX530 Very Slow Activator
  • ESX540 Extra Slow Activator

Marketing Information

  • Maintains 2.8 lbs/gallon RTS capability for ESSS
  • Can be mixed with other Essential mixing bases including ESM126
  • Reduces number of coats to hide in whites
  • Lower applied cost
  • Product Data Sheet has been updated: DFE-20 ESSS

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