PPG Refinish Notification
Commercial Performance Coatings GXH1086 Urethane Hardener

June 5, 2012

Product Information

PPG is pleased to announce the launch of the New Commercial Coatings 5 gallon mixing stick. This universal mixing stick is designed to allow you to mix in 5 gallon containers. The front side of the mix stick displays gallon increments, and the back side displays smaller increments, allowing you the flexibility to mix in smaller quantities as desired.

Marketing Information

While GXH1086 is currently available in gallons, pails and drums, market demand has indicated that quarts are also needed. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the availability of this popular hardener in its new size of accupour quarts.

The addition of quarts of hardener fills the gap in size availability and will provide distributors an additional option when selling the broad range CPC urethane products.

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