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Commercial Performance Coatings CRE-X21 Series

March 20, 2012

Product Information

CRE-X21 Series primers are an enhanced selection of epoxy primers intended to replace all current CRE versions sold in North America. This series of primers are all 2.1 lbs/gal VOC and blend at a 2:1:1/2 ratio. Three standard colors and a tintable version are available. All products are supplied in full fill containers except the tintable which has 121 ounces/gallon.

Marketing Information

This series of primers has been developed to provide several improvements over the current versions, including enhanced corrosion protection, adhesion to galvanized, galvaneal and stainless steel in addition to the current compatible substrates, and a 96 hour recoat window. Extensive testing has indicated that this series of primers has a smoother appearance than the current version thereby providing a better appearance when topcoat is applied. Additionally, application of these primers will require little or no change by the customer using the current version allowing for a smooth, easy transition of products. While usually not sanded, this series can be sanded after appropriate dry as with the current version and has been found to sand more easily, helping increase throughput.

The tintable version offers the same standard palette of colors that can be made using the H-series tints. However, with the new version, the amount of tint used is now 7 ounces from the previous 6 ounces. The new form number for the CRE-CT sellout label is 10079 and the label number is LCC1501B and is available from the Lima Distribution Center.

These primers may be applied through conventional equipment, pressure pots, airless, air-assisted airless and electrostatic spray equipment. Pot life has been seen to be a consistent 2 hours at 70°F regardless of the choice of solvents used in the blend.

Effective immediately, there will be no additional quantities of the “old CRE” versions made and inventories in stock at the various distribution centers are limited. A new product data sheet (CPCPB418) has been created and is available in English, Spanish and French and are available on line. All old PDS and literature have been purged from the advertising warehouse and the new series has been added to the latest revision of the CPC Product Catalog.

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