PPG Refinish Notification
Commercial Performance Coatings ALK28-901 2.8 VOC

December 5, 2012

Product Information

ALK28-901 is a fast dry, economically priced factory packaged alkyd enamel topcoat. This product can be applied direct to metal (DTM) on select substrates or over approved CPC primers. This topcoat is designed to be applied as a thin film build product (1 – 2 coats) and can be applied using conventional, HVLP, airless or air assisted airless spray equipment.
ALK28-901 can be sprayed without further reduction, however 10 – 20% reduction with Q30 will provide improved leveling and appearance. ALK-201, urethane hardener may be used at a 15:1 ratio for improved durability.
This topcoat does not contain tertiary butyl acetate (TBAc), making it an ideal candidate for use in all areas of the U.S and Canada subject to ultra low VOC regulations.

Marketing Information

ALK28-901 is currently available in gallons and pails.

Inventory for this new product is currently available at the Lima, OH distribution center and other select Refinish distribution locations as regional demand has dictated.

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