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Aquabase Plus P997-FX2x Chromaflair® Mixing Bases

July 1, 2012

Product Information

P997-FX2x Chromaflair is now available in a smaller quarter litre (QL) pack size.

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® is committed to the innovation of leading edge products and repair processes, outstanding color quality, and dedicated tools and services, all seeking to improve collision center quality, productivity and profitability. Our commitment to color is a measure of our commitment to our customers. To ensure a comprehensive, up-to-date color offer, our color experts work actively with motor manufacturers and pigment suppliers to match the thousands of new car colors produced each year. In 2009, the addition of the P997-FX2x multi-effect line to the Nexa Autocolor AQUABASE® Plus mixing system was an example of this commitment.

Now, these same multi-effect pigments are available in a smaller Quarter Litre (QL) pack size. The new “squeeze” bottle design with an adjustable spout allows for very accurate measuring to ensure that just the right amount is added.


Marketing Information

Code: Size: Name – Color Shift:
P997-FX20 QL Green to Purple
P997-FX21 QL Silver to Green
P997-FX22 QL Gold to Silver
P997-FX23 QL Cyan to Purple
P997-FX24 QL Blue to Red
P997-FX25 QL Magenta to Gold
P997-FX26 QL Red to Gold

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