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Aquabase Plus P950-5505 Promo Kit

October 1, 2012

Product Information

P950-5505 Waterborne Primer Surfacer - Grey Promotional Kit was developed to provide the NEXA Distributor the opportunity to market this newly released and unique primer surfacer to competitive shops in Compliant and National Rule areas. The kit was designed to offer high productivity shops a professional looking toolbox that will give the user everything needed to trial P950-5505 Waterborne Primer Surfacer.

Important Note: When using this product with a prospective customer that is not familiar with spraying NEXA waterborne technology, please provide special guidance in order to ensure the prospect is properly equipped and coached on how to use this waterborne primer surfacer, especially If the prospect is currently a solvent borne user. Please refer to NEXA Product Bulletin N4.15C for complete product use information.

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