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Aquabase Plus P935-1250 Adjuster

April 1, 2012

Product Information

P935-1250 Adjuster is a new additive to compliment the AQUABASE® Plus system.

This new additive has been developed using the most advanced technology offering NEXA AUTOCOLOR® customers an alternative to the standard Aquabase Plus Thinners. P935-1250 Adjuster is designed to provide additional protection in high risk areas. For example, vehicles with low profile front ends prone to stone chips, extreme conditions such as driving on gravel roads or when subjected to pressure washing. P935-1250 Adjuster is also recommended for areas where application conditions consistently experience high humidity and for shops which experience inconsistencies in optimal air quality.

The mixing recommendation is 10% of P935-1250 Adjuster with additional standard Aquabase Plus thinner depending on color, customer reduction practices and application conditions. Please refer to ABP Technical Bulletin ABTB1250 for complete mixing instructions.


Marketing Information

  • Specifically formulated for use in Aquabase Plus waterborne basecoat
  • Enhances the film properties of ABP waterborne basecoat
  • Easy to use and apply while maintaining excellent appearance and productivity

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