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Aquabase Plus P565-5401 HS Plus Primer

March 1, 2012

Product Information

NEXA AUTOCOLOR®  is committed to the innovation of leading edge products and repair processes, outstanding color quality and dedicated tools and services, all seeking to improve collision center profitability and enabling customers to stand at the forefront of the Automotive Refinish market.

Nexa Autocolor is pleased to announce further enhancements to the Aquabase® Plus product line with the launch of P565-5401 HS Plus Primer Surfacer White in its new N3 (3.5 Liter) pack size.

Marketing Information

HS Plus Primer Surfacers are 2-pack acrylic, low VOC, sandable primer surfacers designed for use under Aquabase Plus waterborne basecoat.

At a ready to spray VOC of 2.1 lbs/gal, they meet the most stringent emission requirements, are easy to apply, sand and give excellent final appearance and durability to the Aquabase Plus system.

HS Plus Primer Surfacers are a component of the Spectral Grey Undercoat System. HS Plus Primer Surfacers are available in white, grey and black are used to achieve the full range of Spectral Grey colors. Use of the Spectral Grey system has been scientifically proven to improve topcoat opacity and therefore the overall productivity of the refinishing process. Spectral Grey undercoat references appear along side all Aquabase Plus formulas as SG01 through SG07.

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