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Shop-Line JP354/JP356 White and Black 2.1 VOC Multi-Purpose Primer

February 5, 2011

Product Information

JP354 White and JP356 Black expand the gray shading capability of JP355 2.1 VOC Multi-purpose primer, allowing you to create varying shades of gray to achieve optimum hiding with SHOP-LINE® topcoats.

The JP35x series primer family is a fast drying, two component 2.1 VOC multi-purpose primer which may be used as a primer surfacer or as a wet-on-wet sealer when integrated with clear coat

Marketing Information

JP354 white, JP355 gray, and JP356 black may be mixed together in any combination to achieve the shade of gray desired to optimize hiding and coverage of Shop-Line topcoats. Once the desired color is achieved, the primer can then be reduced as a surfacer or sealer – refer to product data sheet SL355 for further information.

As a surfacer:

  • Designed for leveling and topcoat hold out over a wide range of substrates
  • Easy to apply and sand
  • High build
  • Gray shade capable

As a sealer:

  • Designed to provide a smooth and uniform finish that will improve overall topcoat appearance
  • Fast drying
  • Uses current Shop-Line 2.1 VOC clearcoats with a simple mix ratio
  • Gray shade capable

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