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Deltron DPLV 2.1 VOC Epoxy Primer

March 1, 2011

Product Information

DPLV 2.1 VOC Epoxy Primer provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance to many types of properly prepared steel, fiberglass, and aluminum substrates.

DPLV Epoxy Primer may also be used as a sealer and top coated with many PPG undercoats and topcoats.

Marketing Information

DPLV 2.1 VOC Epoxy Primer is available in 3 colors:

  • DP48LV – White
  • DP50LV – Gray
  • DP90LV – Black

These can be blended to achieve the full range of gray shades, G1–G7.

Please refer to product data sheet P-245 for further information.

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