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Aquabase Plus P993-8972 Brilliant Yellow

August 5, 2011

Product Information

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® is committed to the innovation of leading edge products and repair processes, outstanding color quality and dedicated tools and services, all seeking to improve collision center quality, productivity and profitability. Our commitment to color is a measure of our commitment to our customers. The addition of P993-8972 Brilliant Yellow tinter to the Nexa Autocolor AQUABASE® Plus mixing system is another example of this commitment, providing a high quality color match to the latest motor manufacturer colors.

Marketing Information

P993-8972 Brilliant Yellow is available immediately and will eventually replace P993-8970 Strong Yellow once the color match process is complete. More than 3,200 color formulas containing P993-8970 will be reformulated using the new P993-8972 tinter by end of the first quarter 2012. Currently, more than 80% of the color formulas have been converted. Distributors are advised to begin reducing their inventory of P993-8970 to accommodate the new P993-8972 Brilliant Yellow tinter. Please note: P993-8972 Brilliant Yellow is NOT a direct substitution for P993-8970 Strong Yellow!

  • Aquabase Plus Mixing Machine Schematic (part # RM2882-W) updated to include P993-8972
  • P993-8970 Strong Yellow will still be available under the historical formula
  • Both Large and Small "Kits" have been updated to include P993-8972 in addition to P993-8970
  • Distributors are advised to notify customers to begin using P993-8972 effective immediately

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