PPG Refinish Notification
Value-Pro Inventory Management Notice

September 27, 2010

Please be aware that the product(s) below are no longer stocked items and have been discontinued. They will be available until all remaining stock has been depleted. Be sure to manage your stock accordingly.

Code Description Size Replacements/Comments
P315-3500 Hardener PINT Half Pints & Quarts available
P315-3511  Hardener for Clearcoats HALF PINT Quarts & Pails available
P315-3531 Multi-Purpose Clear Hardener - Fast  HALF PINT Quarts available
P315-3532 Multi-Purpose Clear Hardener - Medium HALF PINT Quarts available
P315-3533 Multi-Purpose Clear Hardener - Slow HALF PINT Quarts available
P315-3534 Multi-Purpose Clear Hardener - Extra Slow HALF PINT Quarts available
P315-3700 Hardener for 2K High Build Primer Surfacer HALF PINT Quarts available
P330-1201 Epoxy Primer Activator QUART Quarts available
P390-4000  H S Clearcoat QUART Gallons & Pails available
P390-4001 Rapid Clear QUART Gallons available
P390-4003 Multi-Purpose GALLON Pails available
P830-2077 General Purpose Solvent GALLON  
P830-2097 Super Slow Thinner GALLON  
P830-2100 Low VOC Thinner GALLON  
VU-O122 VU Black  GALLON  
VU-WT57 VU White  GALLON  

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