PPG Refinish Notification
Shop-Line J77-J82 Toners

July 5, 2010

J77 Coarse Silver Dollar Aluminum- ShopLine
J82 Flattening Base – ShopLine Plus

Product Information

In order to expand the color capability of the SHOP-LINE® and Shop-Line Plus color platforms, two new toners have been added to the product line, J77 Coarse Silver Dollar Aluminum and J82 Flattening Base.

Marketing Information

J77 Coarse Silver Dollar Aluminum uses aluminum technology that more closely aligns with the technology used by OEM manufacturers and will provide a better match with the newer OEM colors. It is used in both JB and JBP paint systems.

J82 Flattening Base is designed to improve the pigment orientation of any flake containing formula, providing for an improved color match for both metallic and mica colors in the JBP paint system.

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