PPG Refinish Notification
OMNI Inventory Management Notice

December 27, 2010

Please be aware that the product(s) below are no longer stocked items and have been discontinued. They will be available until all remaining stock has been depleted. Be sure to manage your stock accordingly.

Code Description Size Replacements/Comments
M300 Basecoat Maker QUART  
M301 Strong White GALLON  
M302 Mixing Clear GALLON  
M303  Black GALLON  
M304 Red GALLON  
M305 Magenta GALLON  
M306 Red Shade Yellow (Chrome) GALLON  
M307 Green Shade Yellow GALLON  
M308 Red Shade Blue GALLON  
M309 Red Shade Yellow GALLON  
Orange (Lead) GALLON  
M311 Trans Red GALLON  
M312 Yellow Shade Green GALLON  
M313 Blue GALLON  
M314 Violet  GALLON  
M315 Maroon GALLON  
M316 Blue Shade Green GALLON  
M317 Coarse Silver GALLON  
M318 Light Yellow GALLON  
M319  Sparkle Silver  GALLON  
Medium Silver GALLON  
M321 Fine Silver GALLON
M322 Green Shade Blue  GALLON  
M324 Red Shade Yellow  GALLON  
M325   Red Shade Blue GALLON  
M326  Transparent Red Oxide GALLON  
M327 Red Iron Oxide  GALLON  
M328 Purple GALLON  
M329 Weak Black  GALLON  
M331 Red Shade Organic Yellow GALLON  
M332  Yellow Red Shade Chrome Free GALLON  
M333   Ultra Transparent Red Oxide GALLON  
M334  Ultra Transparent Yellow Oxide GALLON  
Coarse Silver  GALLON  
M336 Lemon Yellow GALLON  
M337 Bright Orange LF  GALLON  
M338 Yellow Shade Iron Oxide GALLON  
M340  GS Sun Yellow  GALLON  
M341  GSP Blue GALLON  
MFA360 High Solids CV Hardener  3.5 QUART  
High Solids CV Hardener 3.5 HALF PINT  
MFA361 High Solids CV Hardener  2.8 QUART  
MFA362 Standard CV Hardener-Fast  QUART  
MFA363  Standard CV Hardener-Medium  QUART
MFA364 Standard CV Hardener-Slow  QUART  
MFC380  CV Clear  GALLON  
MP210  1K High Solids Primer  QUART  
MP210  1K High Solids Primer  GALLON  
MP211  2K High Solids Primer  GALLON  
 High Solids Primer Hardener  QUART  

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