PPG Refinish Notification
Global Refinish System Limited Use Toners

March 5, 2010


  • In the middle of 2008, PPG introduced the concept of the “limited use” toner.
  • A toner is designated “limited use” if it appears in only a small number of color formulas.
  • “Limited use” status is built into PPG’s customer color retrieval systems.
  • When a customer accesses a color formula which contains a “limited use” toner a warning is shown:
WARNING contains XXXX limited use toner. Please check available stock prior to mixing.
  • This way PPG can offer customers the most accurate color match without asking every mixing machine user to carry inventory of a toner that might rarely be used..

Change of Status

  • The “limited use” status assigned to a toner is not permanent and can be changed as the number of colors containing the toner increases.
  • It is planned that the following toners will have the “limited use” status removed because the number of color formulas containing the toners has grown.

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