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Envirobase High Performance EH392 – Slow Undercoat Hardener

March 5, 2010

Product Information

In an on-going effort to improve the ENVIROBASE® High Performance Undercoats system for use in hot weather climates, EH392 Slow Undercoat Hardener has been developed specifically for use with Envirobase High Performance waterborne color undercoat systems. EH392 is a slower version of EH391 and should be used to maintain the application properties of Envirobase High Performance primers and sealers in extreme temperature conditions.

Marketing Information

EH392 - Slow Undercoat Hardener is specifically designed for use with Envirobase High Performance branded primers and
sealers. EH392 should be used with ECP1x Primer Surfacers, ECS2x and ECS6x Sealers only.

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