PPG Refinish Notification
Shop-Line JB 9300 Factory Pack Black

September 25, 2009

Marketing Information


As we strive for continuous improvement, a new, revised formula for JB9300 will be rolled out in the coming weeks. This basecoat has been revised to improve the jetness of black.

As you will begin to see, newer product will be identified on the label with the words “Improved, deeper black” in a starburst design. This will be a running change and you will see a transition in inventory of both the gallon and quart pack sizes as old stock is depleted and replaced with this newer, improved version.

Besides the label change, you may also notice an in-can color and viscosity difference. Just as the label describes, the newer material will have a deeper black appearance and be slightly thinner in viscosity.

Pricing, pack sizing, and case quantities will all remain the same. You will not be able to request the newer version specifically when placing an order. Also, returns of older stock in exchange for the newer version will not be recognized. Again, this is all in an effort to improve upon the appearance of the basecoat and provide a richer, deeper black.

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