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Nexa Autocolor P190-6659 Express Clearcoat

February 27, 2009

Product Information

P190-6659 Express Clearcoat is a fast drying, 2-pack high solids acrylic urethane clearcoat which provides a fast and easy to apply high gloss, durable finish specifically made for use over AQUABASE® Plus waterborne basecoat.

P190-6659 Express Clearcoat offers multiple bake options. There is a Super Express System with a 10 minute bake for a single panel or spot repair, an Express System with a 15 minute bake for multiple panels and a Standard System with a 30 minute bake for even larger types of repairs.

P190-6659 can be used in two application modes, a "One-Visit™" application; where 1 light to medium flowing coat is immediately followed by a second medium coat with no flash-off between coats or a standard 2-coat application.

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