PPG Refinish Notification
Global Refinish System D764 GRS BC Red Violet Toner

July 5, 2009

Product Information

A number of OEMs have started to use advanced pigmentation to create cleaner, more intense colors.

The color effects OEMs have been able to achieve using these pigments are difficult to replicate in refinish product lines which do not contain toners with the same clarity and intensity.

The OEMs are expected to continue to produce colors containing advanced pigments of this type in the future.

D764 Red Violet has been designated a “Limited Use Toner”.

D764 Red Violet is made from a highly dispersed, violet pigment which is cleaner and more than existing toners in the same color space.

D764 Red Violet has been specially formulated as a GRS BC toner.

D764 Red Violet needs to be stirred like any other Global toner and requires a position on the mixing machine.

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