PPG Refinish Notification
Envirobase High Performance Sealers

November 5, 2009

ECS61 - White
ECS65 - Gray
ECS67 - Black

Product Information

In an on-going effort to build on the success of the ENVOROBASE® High Performance brand, ECS A-Chromatic sealers, ECS61, ECS65 and ECS67 have been developed specifically for customers using Envirobase High Performance waterborne color systems. ECS61, 65, and 67 are premium quality, wet-on-wet sealers that offer fast dry, superb flow characteristics and excellent color holdout.

Marketing Information

Envirobase A-Chromatic sealers, ECS61, ECS65 and ECS67 are specifically designed for use under Envirobase High Performance waterborne basecoat color. Due to their optimized formula, they will become the only sealers recommended for use under Envirobase High Performance in non-compliant, national rule regions. 2.1 VOC compliant versions will follow by year's end.

These new sealers will be easily recognized when placed on a mixing scheme. The white banding and the "G" or gray shade color symbol is prominently displayed on their labels for easy identification.

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