PPG Refinish Notification
Aquabase Plus Toners P999-XR17 & P999-XR18

March 10, 2009

P999-XR17 Cosmic Turquoise
P999-XR18 Amethyst Dream

Product Information

Nexa AutocolorTM is pleased to announce further colour enhancements to the AQUABASE® Plus product line with the launch of: 

  • P999-XR17 Aquabase Plus Cosmic Turquoise 
  • P999-XR18 Aquabase Plus Amethyst Dream 
  • Formulation Availability – March 2009 on all colour retrieval sources

Marketing Information

Both P999-XR17 and P999-XR18 are classified as limited use toners with currently only a few OEM vehicles requiring the pigment. The long term outlook however is that the OEM will continue to deliver new model years utilizing these pigments.

  • Alignment to current & future OEM trends – Accurate colour matches 
  • Limited use tinter flag – reduces inventory costs 
  • A total of 12 OEM colours matched at launch – immediate benefit in some colour areas 
  • Formulated in anti-settle technology – greater

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