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Aquabase Plus P997-FX Series Multi-Effect Tinters

February 5, 2009

Product Information

A number of the motor manufacturers have started to produce cars with a new range of special effect colors. These colors include a new generation of pigments known as Chromaflair®. These Chromaflair® pigments are unique, multi-layer flakes that give paints the ability to literally change color when viewed from different angles.

  • P997-FX20 Aquabase® Plus GREEN PURPLE
  • P997-FX21 Aquabase® Plus SILVER GREEN
  • P997-FX22 Aquabase® Plus GOLD SILVER
  • P997-FX23 Aquabase® Plus CYAN PURPLE
  • P997-FX24 Aquabase® Plus BLUE RED
  • P997-FX25 Aquabase® Plus MAGENTA GOLD
  • P997-FX26 Aquabase® Plus RED GOLD

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