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PPG Waterborne Technology – Comprehensive Training
Comprehensive Training

Training is an essential element of a successful switch to waterborne. To help shop owners, managers and technicians become comfortable with waterborne technology and equipment, PPG provides comprehensive training programs.

For Shop Owners and Managers

The PPG Waterborne Convert With Confidence® Seminar (1/2 day) provides an overview of what shops can expect during the waterborne conversion process.

For Technicians (available in English, French and Spanish)

PPG Convert with Confidence® Waterborne Technologies Course (1 day)

Product information and hands-on exercises provide product exposure to the painter so the change to spraying water is successful.

PPG Certification (2 days)

A PPG core program, this course trains refinish technicians in personal safety, waterborne fundamentals, and repair procedures.

PPG Color Adjustment Waterborne Class (2 days)

Attendees study the theory of color and its practical application in matching and tinting PPG refinish waterborne colors.

Quick Minor Damage Repair Training—Waterborne

This course provides training on industry repair standards and procedures used in PPG’s Quick Minor Damage Repair program with the PPG waterborne basecoat system.

Since training is so integral to your success, PPG wants to ensure that your technicians have access to courses when and where they need them. When you complete the Convert with Confidence® Shop Information form, PPG will respond with a training schedule that works with your shop’s plan to convert to waterborne.