PPG Automotive Refinish & Commercial Coatings
PPG Waterborne Technology – The Technology
Exclusive Micro-Gel, Anti-Settle Technology

Unlike competitive systems that may be polyurethane-based, PPG’s Envirobase® High Performance and Nexa Autocolor® Aquabase® Plus basecoat systems incorporate the latest, true latex resins. At the heart of it all is the PPG innovative micro-gel, anti-settle technology—a scientific marvel. The interior latex shell holds the pigment in suspension and doesn’t allow settling or separation. However, when gently rocked, the “fingers” surrounding the latex core release; this lowers the viscosity and allows for easy pouring into the mixing cup.

This specially formulated acrylic waterborne latex resin is designed to do a number of things to make an easy-to-use product:

  • Solid latex core delivers durable color
  • Latex particles cling together for stability
  • Pigment and resin remain suspended and resist settling
No Mechanical Mixing

Because the acrylic waterborne latex resins are engineered with unique, non-stir, anti-settle technology, you no longer need a mechanical mixing machine. This creates an agitation-free mixing room. Simply tilt the toner bottle back and forth 3-4 times and you're ready to pour. Painters no longer have to wait for toners to be agitated or experience the frustration that can come with mismatches as a result of improper agitation. Paint mixers will quickly learn how easy it is to mix accurate formulas with these truly unique toners.