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PPG Waterborne Technology – How to Convert With Confidence
The Convert With Confidence® Process

Collision centers that have been most successful in making a smooth transition to waterborne have been those who have taken advantage of PPG’s well-proven Convert with Confidence® process. This initiative supports and underscores the need for proper planning, technician training and the right equipment required to make a smooth, seamless transition.

The Convert with Confidence® process emphasizes that management be proactive early on, in the planning stages, and that owners and managers acquire a good understanding of what’s involved—from the technology and equipment, to workflow and waste stream management.

Off-Site Training Works Best

Technicians find PPG waterborne basecoats easy to apply, but it does require learning an application technique that’s different from what they’re used to. Experience has demonstrated quite dramatically that those technicians who receive training off-site in a learning environment master the waterborne system much faster than those who only receive training on the job. To that end, PPG offers a comprehensive, one-day, hands-on technical training course on waterborne and its proper application.

Conversion Planning Guide

PPG’s step-by-step Convert with Confidence® Waterborne Conversion Planning Guide is a comprehensive guide to understanding what’s involved and how to plan for the changeover to waterborne basecoat. This helpful guide covers all the key considerations in the conversion process, and provides detailed timetables and checklists to follow—so there are no surprises on conversion day.

On-Site Training

When your conversion day arrives, PPG and its network of quality distributors will provide on-site training to ensure the paint operation gets up and running smoothly without disruption. To supplement the off-site training your technicians have already received, PPG will provide additional support to make sure they are proficient with our waterborne color tools, color retrieval and mixing software, and anything else you need.

Key Steps For Going Green
  • Gain an understanding of waterborne technology and its requirements.
  • Work with your PPG territory manager and distributor to establish a viable target date for conversion.
  • Review supplemental air movement equipment options for spray booths.
  • Review waterborne waste options with preferred waste handler.
  • Create a workflow plan to accommodate technician training.

By following the Convert with Confidence® Planning Guide and working with your distributor and/or shop management, you can help accomplish a well-orchestrated plan for a seamless transition.