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PPG Waterborne Technology – Time Saving Color Tools
Time Saving Color Tools

PPG’s expertise in color match is unrivalled in the industry, and the company has amassed decades’ worth of color and variant formulas. To help customers find the best match quickly and accurately, PPG provides a variety of useful tools.

Chromatic Variant Decks

To minimize the need for spray outs and tinting, these chromatically arranged color chip decks provide a true “what you see is what you get” representation of mixed color because they’re sprayed with the same waterborne products used by shops. Since all Envirobase® High Performance and Aquabase® Plus color chips are sprayed with waterborne paint, using the same spray application one would use at a collision shop, they deliver the best possible alignment between the color chip and color formulas when sprayed out on the customer’s vehicle.

Internal Repair System/Engine Bay Fan Deck

For identifying matching color formulas of engine bays or interior colors, the Internal Repair System/Engine Bay Fan Deck provides a full range of colors. The color chips are arranged chromatically, making it easy to select the right color when the OE code is unknown.

Sprayout Cards

Specially designed for waterborne finishes, these sprayout cards have varying shades of gray for use in matching color over the recommended spectral gray undercoat.

Tint Guide Posters

These posters help identify the correct toner when a color requires tinting. Available for both Envirobase® High Performance and Aquabase® Plus systems, this tool makes it easy to compare the color space in which different toners lie, and determine how a specific toner will move a color.

Production Color Book with Sideview Window®

Customer feedback led to the creation of this tool, which features an open slot adjacent to color chips. This format highlights subtle differences, and allows the user to identify the OEM code that best matches the repair more accurately.