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2Brothers Collision

When Kevin and Doug Meadows lost their jobs, it was time to pursue their shared mission - to start a collision shop from scratch.


Even as teenagers, the Meadows brothers enjoyed working with each other. They spent hours in their mother’s garage, tearing apart junkers and bringing them back to life. To no one’s surprise, they both ended up in the collision business, even punching in every morning at the same dealership—Kevin specializing in frame and metal, Doug in paint.

Of course, they had bigger aspirations than just working in the same garage. They wanted to open their own shop, and by 2005, it was slowly coming together, piece by piece. They bought land in their hometown. They looked into financing and equipment. Then, without warning, the dealership’s staff was called into a meeting. The body shop was being closed down. In one month, Doug, Kevin, and their co-workers would be out of a job.

“It was the ultimate shove,” Kevin said. “We decided to make the best out of a bad situation.”

Within 24 hours, the Meadows shifted their dream into overdrive. They arranged to buy as much of the dealership’s equipment as they could. Instead of opening a storefront in their hometown, however, they rented a 5,000 sq. ft. facility in Beckley, W. Va., a much larger community. They also hired two of their co-workers that were also laid off. Incredibly, just thirty days after receiving their pink slips, Doug and Kevin opened 2Brothers Collision to the public.

 In the beginning, it was tough going. “The first year we were open we worked seven days a week,” Doug said. “Seven to seven.”

Finances were so tight that they didn’t have a business sign in front of the shop for the first year. In fact, the only marketing they had was word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers, but that, as it turned out, was more than enough to jumpstart the business. The reputation of 2Brothers Collision grew quickly, and soon the shop was booked to full capacity.

When the long hours and financial sacrifice began to pay off, Doug and Kevin wisely reinvested in the company. They staffed-up to meet the growing workload, then expanded their space not once, but twice. Upgrading and modernizing the equipment was also a top priority. Three years ago, when they installed three new paint booths, they also decided to retire the solvent paint system and make a switch to waterborne basecoat.

“We had heard a lot about water,” Doug said. “We’ve always wanted to be a leader in our area—with technology, equipment, facility and manpower. We just wanted to be the best.”

Researching their options, the brothers narrowed their choices to two companies, then planned a two-week shoot-out in their booth. As it happened, it only took one week to make the decision. They chose Envirobase® High Performance, and the Meadows couldn’t be happier with the results.

“We have seen an increase in better color matches,” Doug said. “Additionally, in combination with the new paint booth, Envirobase® High Performance has improved throughput. It has enabled us to speed up our production and improve our cycle times. ”Even though he works mostly in metal, Kevin was impressed with Envirobase® High Performance and its ease of use. “I have to do some painting, from time to time,” he said. “I was amazed. It’s really user-friendly.”Another deciding factor in choosing PPG was its PaintManager™ software.

Both brothers agree the paint management system enables them to do more accurate matches while improving profitability. “The management side of it is really good, with the tracking and the charging out materials,” Doug said. “It was a nice change from what I’d been using.”

Seven years after opening their doors, 2Brothers Collision is still booming. The facility has tripled in size to over 17,000 square feet, including a brand new building with an office and three state-ofthe- art paint booths—two running fulltime and a third to cover spikes in the workload. The Meadows brothers now employ 21 full-time employees, and are prepared to add more in the future.

Best yet, their father works in the accounting department and Doug has two sons working in the shop—Ryan as a fulltime painter and Jordon as part-time car prep. So what was once a brotherly outfit is transforming into a multi-generational family operation. “Doing it together makes it all that much sweeter,” said Kevin.