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DEFT® brand coatings are the technology leader for meeting and exceeding today's environmental challenges. They meet today's stringent specifications while maintaining the goal of low to near zero VOCs. Deft low VOC and and super compliant undercoats and topcoats have become staples for many of today's metro transit authorities.

Theme Park

Deft 36-Line urethane coatings provide superior durability, vibrant color, and versatile application for all your theme park OE and maintenance needs. Whether you are an OE attraction builder or in charge of park maintenance, Deft 36-Line has solutions for you. Spray 36-Line products for an automotive quality finish, or brush-roll them and watch them flow and level to an ultra-smooth profile.

Deft 36-Line products are formulated for theoretical zero volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions using exempt solvents. We won’t claim zero because raw materials and processing can add trace amounts of VOCs. But you won’t find a lower VOC product anywhere. With Deft 36-Line you can rest assured you are doing everything possible to keep VOCs out of our atmosphere.

Deft 36-Line offers a comprehensive portfolio of colors, primers, clearcoats and additives. If you are looking for high quality, durable, environmentally responsible coatings for your theme park or OE attraction business, look no further.