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PPG Waterborne Technology – Superior Waterborne Platform
Superior Waterborne Platform

The compact waterborne basecoat product platform consists of a comprehensive range of toners and a variety of limited-use, special-effect products designed to deliver the best possible color alignment to today’s OEM finishes. Toners are pre-balanced and ready for use, so it’s possible to achieve superb color match, even in small volumes. No binders, converters or special additives are required.

A 3-in-1 System

The PPG waterborne platform offers the capability to mix exterior, interior and engine bay finishes from the same system with time- and cost-saving efficiency. With the addition of a converter and activator to the basecoat platform, the end user can easily convert existing toners into a single-stage matte or semi-gloss color for matching vehicle interior and under-hood colors. Leftover colors can also be converted for single-stage use.

Outstanding Performance

All over North America, collision repair centers are discovering how well PPG waterborne refinishing systems perform. That’s because PPG’s breakthrough pigments and unique platform offer the following benefits: color, speed, ease of use and appearance.

  • Alignment with OEM color trends
  • Metallics that don’t sink or orient improperly
  • No halos or mottling
  • Easy process to blend into adjacent panels
  • Consistent tri-coat repairs
  • No lift windows on sealers
  • Minimal buffing
  • Consistent match on micro repairs
Air Dry Speed Performance

The introduction of PPG’s air dry, speed clears and primer accelerator technology for the Aquabase® Plus and Envirobase® High Performance platforms can dramatically increase the shop’s refinish throughout, with the opportunity to speed the spot repair process. And since this air-dry system requires no bake time, the collision center can realize significant savings on spray booth energy costs.

Potential for Total System Cost Savings

Analyses of PPG waterborne basecoat systems against competitive products indicate significant cost advantages for the complete repair process. The color consistency of the waterborne platform virtually eliminates the need to spray color cards and “shade” the mix until it matches, thus reducing a significant amount of time and cost.

Great-Looking, OEM-Caliber Finish

Given that 54 percent of all OEM passenger vehicles are produced with waterborne color, it’s not hard to understand why the color alignment is so good when repairs are made with waterborne basecoats. Also, when the appropriate clearcoats are used, the final appearance of the system has the same excellent gloss and image clarity of the OEM finish.

Easy-to-Learn Application

It’s easy to transition from solvent to a PPG waterborne basecoat system when PPG’s proven Convert with Confidence® process is followed. As part of the conversion process, PPG includes a technician training session at one of its many dedicated training facilities. PPG is proud of the fact that it maintains more active training facilities and trains more technicians than any of its competitors.