STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – June 5, 2018
PPG’s commercial coatings division has added F4943 2.1 VOC Fast Dry Urethane Sealer to its Delfleet® Evolution brand lineup. Formulated through PPG’s innovative urethane technology, the new sealer is lead- and chromate-free and fully compatible with all Delfleet® Evolution primers. A 2.1 VOC rating makes the sealer compliant for all parts of the United States and Canada.

F4943 has been designed to provide excellent gloss holdout and fast dry times. It can be topcoated in as little as fifteen minutes, making it particularly appropriate for production-focused fleet refinishers. The advanced sealer also has an improved pot life of up to three hours and a recoat window extending to three days.

“PPG is pleased to offer F4943 to our customers. This is an excellent sealer that has surpassed our own high expectations,” said Scott Colvin, PPG product manager, commercial transport. “We originally developed F4943 as a small-repair product; then we saw that its melt-in properties and gloss retention characteristics were so effective that we realized it was suitable for larger repairs as well. Shops that are interested in reducing refinish time and boosting throughput should find this new sealer a welcome addition to their process.”

Colvin also points out that the new sealer lays down smooth and blends in well with coatings layered over it, all the while maintaining good color retention. F4943 works with Delfleet® Evolution's existing F4933 Fast Dry Hardener and is available in black, white and gray.

PPG offers a full range of coating technologies for the commercial transportation and light industrial markets including polyurethanes, alkyds, epoxies, polyurea, waterborne, pretreatment chemicals and powder coatings. PPG commercial coatings products are marketed under several brand names including Amercoat®, Commercial Performance Coatings, Delfleet Essential® and Delfleet® Evolution.

For more information about Commercial Coatings products from PPG, call (800) 647-6050 or visit

One of the craziest success stories in the automotive business today is that of Dave “Heavy D” Sparks and his best friend, “Diesel Dave” Kiley. What began as a small used car lot has grown into a massive online truck marketplace (, a custom shop (Sparks Motors) and a popular Discovery Channel TV show, Diesel Brothers. The company’s business plan is pure genius, and its custom paint shop is pure PPG.

Whether by savvy instinct or by being hell-bent on having fun, the Diesel Brothers used practical jokes, stunts, skits and custom-built monster trucks to create a loyal fan following. An April Fool’s Day escapade involving diesel exhaust piped into a men’s room caught the attention of the producers of the Jay Leno Show. The rest is history.

In 2016, the duo’s fame reached another level when the Discovery Channel launched the Diesel Brothers reality TV show. Each segment features two projects, one that is completed and the other that is used as a teaser for the following week. The projects run the gamut: One might be for a high-end collector, another for a celebrity such as Chuck Norris or Miguel Cabrera, or one just to fulfill a vision that Heavy D had while foraging in the scrapyard. The only constant is a high level of hilarity for which the show is known.

The show’s production timeline creates tremendous pressure on the crew, and the paint department is no exception. In March of 2017, Damon Heart, an autobody refinisher from Ohio, was in the Utah area on vacation and was helping a buddy— a buddy with ties to the Diesel Brothers— fix his car. A crisis arose when the Diesel Brothers painter abruptly called it quits: “The painter was given 6 hours to do something he felt he needed 12 hours to do,” says Damon. “I knew that by using EC800 (Ultra Fast 2.1 Clearcoat), I could get it done, and I did. After that, the team said, ‘You’re not going home!’” Damon sold his belongings and moved west to become part of the team.

What’s next for the Diesel Brothers? Like everything they do, the next big thing is hard to predict. But one thing is certain: It will be entertaining to watch.

You can read more on The Diesel Brothers and what Damon's go-to PPG products are by checking out the most recent copy of the Repaint Reporter.

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – June 12, 2018
PPG has introduced a course to train technicians in the craft of refinish preparation. The course is intended to answer a critical industry need for knowledgeable and skilled assistant technicians. The two-day class, called “Refinish Preparation Specialist Training,” is designed for entry-level assistant refinish technicians who have never received any formal PPG training and work alongside body and refinish technicians using PPG products and processes.

The PPG Refinish Preparation Specialist Training class is appropriate for PPG entry-level refinish technicians in small- and high-production collision centers as well as fleet maintenance and repair shops. The “prepper course,” as it’s known, will be part of the regularly scheduled training curriculum available at each of PPG’s 16 Business Development Centers (BDCs) across North America.

“This is a class that our customers requested,” explains Gregg Whitmer, PPG zone 3 training manager. “We’ve found that there are many instances in which technicians working in our customers’ refinish operations are not properly trained on how to prepare a vehicle for refinishing. If a car isn’t cleaned or sanded correctly, prep work may have to be redone; that negatively affects productivity, efficiency and profitability. This class directly addresses this concern.”

Working with PPG instructors, new technicians will develop their skills in substrate cleaning, sanding, masking, and bumper cover and plastic parts preparation. Participants are also taught the importance of keeping a clean and organized shop. Upon satisfactorily completing the class, graduates are certified in EPA 6H Area Source Rule requirements and receive a certificate of achievement.

“This class represents a key component of our commitment to training,” said Randy Cremeans, PPG director of training. “PPG has the most complete offering of training courses in the industry, ranging from entry level to advanced. By training assistant technicians properly at the beginning of their careers, we can help ensure that they’re on the right path for continued success in the collision repair industry.”

PPG has conducted pilot runs of the prepper course. Participating technicians have been overwhelmingly receptive. A recent class in Columbus, Ohio, led by Jessica Crowley, PPG instructor, yielded an enthusiastic email from Faye Benson of Gerber Collision and Glass in nearby Grove City: Thank you so much for including me in this amazing learning opportunity. I truly had a blast, and everyone was so helpful. I learned a lot and am excited to learn more. Let everyone know how much I appreciate their help and spending the time with me so I could get it right.

Find more information about the PPG Refinish Preparation Specialist Training class and all other PPG classes including dates, locations and registration instructions at or call (800) 647-6050. Prepper classes are expected to fill quickly and early registration is encouraged.

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – June 19, 2018
Workplace diversity is a priority across all PPG Industries’ business units. Supporting that corporate-wide commitment — a key part of PPG’s core values — the Automotive Refinish division of PPG recently released a video celebrating the company’s diversity in the workplace.

The three-minute video features Automotive Refinish team members from North America, Europe and Asia discussing the importance of diversity at PPG. Led by John Outcalt, PPG global vice president of automotive refinish, PPG leaders share insights on how diversity helps the company achieve its goals, overcome challenges and provide the best products for its customers. The idea for the video came from Outcalt and his leadership team, which is half women, half men and represents a wide range of cultural, educational and work backgrounds.

“The Automotive Refinish business unit is a great example of PPG diversity and inclusion, especially when most people still see our industry as male-dominated,” said Outcalt. “Diversity is a critical element in our core values, which put a premium on clear respect for the dignity, rights and contributions of all employees. It’s part of how we build a stronger, more inclusive and competitive company.”

Outcalt and his team see diversity as a distinct advantage. It helps create new ideas, encourages collaboration and gives everyone the opportunity to learn from each other. “Our vision is to foster a climate that recognizes the value of an engaged workforce,” he added. “We’ve carefully cultivated a global workforce with attention to gender and diversity components, retention of employees and talent management. To put it in simple terms, we value individuals, their varied backgrounds and the contributions they can make.”

Outcalt points out that PPG is an extremely diverse company with a global portfolio of businesses, product lines and operations in more than 70 countries. There are more than 150 manufacturing facilities and nearly 47,000 employees of widespread backgrounds. The commitment to diversity comes from the very top of the company.

“Our global workforce comprises a variety of cultures, languages, nationalities, religions, ethnicities and professional and educational backgrounds across an array of business units and geographic locations,” said Michael McGarry, PPG chairman and chief executive officer, upon release of the video. “A rich blend of perspectives and experiences is requisite to understanding and serving our customers’ needs, resolving the challenges that lie ahead of us and ensuring that we continue to be successful and grow.”

For more videos like this, along with an extensive library of product, training and informational videos visit the PPGRefinish YouTube channel.

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