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PPG’s Repaint Reporter magazine publishes technical articles on ways to improve the quality and productivity of a paint refinishing operation. The following list provides links to some of the articles that may be of interest to you.

Aquabase Plus Viscosity Adjustment VideoAQUABASE® Plus Viscosity Adjustment Video

Learn to use a DIN 4 cup to measure viscosity before beginning a refinish repair. Proper viscosity ensures fast flash times, through-dry, easy blending, and world class color match.

Aquabase Plus Viscosity Adjustment Video

Envirobase High Performance Viscosity Adjustment VideoENVIROBASE® High Performance Viscosity Adjustment Video

Learn to use a DIN 4 cup to measure viscosity before beginning a refinish repair. Proper viscosity ensures fast flash times, through-dry, easy blending, and world class color match.

Envirobase High Performance Viscosity Adjustment Video

Speed Repair Video for Minor DamageSpeed Repair System for Minor Damage

The DELTRON® Speed Prime Repair System for Minor Damage is designed to help collision shops add revenue by offering fast, economical repair of scratches, dings and small dents, as well as dimples resulting from hailstorms.

Speed Repair System for Minor Damage

Kyle Morley Shows How to Create a Dècoupage TechniqueDécoupage Technique – Kyle Morley

Incorporating a montage of authentic newspaper clippings and photographs from the 1940s, Kyle Morley’s imaginative fiberglass “bombshell” transforms this symbol of World War II into a stunning tribute to the men and women who serve our country in the armed forces.

Découpage Technique Tutorial

Mitch Lanzini Teaches How to Create a Classic Tape Shading EffectClassic Tape Shading Effect – Mitch Lanzini

Mitch Lanzini teaches how to create a classic tape shading effect ideal for beginning painters looking to build confidence. It's a high-power contrast of unexpected colors and free-flowing shapes with symmetrical lines and steady gun work that you often see on lowriders and hot rods.

Classic Tape Shading Effect Tutorial

Tech Talk Moving CheckersMoving Checkers Effect – Pete "Hot Dog" Finlan

"Hot Dog" Pete Finlan demonstrates a paint effect that's anything but square. In this video, Finlan guides painters through his process for creating "Moving Checkers", a trick he perfected while painting surfboards early in his career.

Moving Checkers Effect Tutorial

Painting/Repairing Low Gloss FinishesPainting/Repairing Low Gloss Finishes

Low gloss finishes have grown in popularity among refinishers and OEM designers. In this video, Chris Springer gives painters some tips on how to achieve a great low gloss finish. We also provide convenient links to the products available to both National Rule and compliant markets that painters can use to achieve a low gloss finish.

Painting/Repairing Low Gloss Finishes

Translucent Colors/Spectral GraysTranslucent Color – Spectral Grays

As automakers look to differentiate their vehicles from the competition, offering eye-catching exterior colors is one proven way to attract the new car buyer. That's clearly evident when you look at today's OE color palette, which is significantly more exotic and vibrant than it was even five years ago. Many of the newest selections are highly chromatic, with translucent colors that sparkle with an exceptional level of depth, brilliance, and clarity.

Translucent Colors/Spectral Grays Article

How the Graphic Design Was Achieved on PPG's New Show TruckHow the Graphic Design Was Achieved on PPG's New Show Truck

Bringing the show truck's grand design to life required a different approach than most paint jobs — the use of large stencils over the length of the trailer. Learn how the team created the dazzling custom finish on the PPG show truck.

PPG Show Truck Paint Scheme Tutorial

Bobby Alloway Shares His Tips For a Flawless Black FinishFlawless Black Finish – Bobby Alloway

Bobby Alloway shares his essential tips for achieving a flawless black finish. Some painters avoid black because of its reputation for being unforgiving in calling attention to even the tiniest of flaws. Alloway maintains that the prep and painting process should be the same, regardless of whether the car is red, blue, white or black.

Flawless Black Finish Tutorial

Chris MacMahan Creates a Classic Fish Scale EffectFish Scale Effect – Chris MacMahan

Chris MacMahan demonstrates how to create a classic fish scale effect. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching fill or a background for pinstripes or artwork, the fish scale technique is a timeless choice. In this tutorial, Chris uses a traditional circular scale, but other shapes work just as well. With a little imagination and experimentation, you’ll be able to create a wide range of patterns and effects.

Fish Scale Effect Tutorial

Dave Perewitz Shares His Flames Design ProcessFlames Design – Dave Perewitz

Dave Perewitz shows his design process for flawless flamework. Feel is central to Dave's design process, but he does have one major rule: everything must flow. In his work, notice how every line of the design is continuously curving to imply speed and motion. He also pays special attention to the placement of flame tips.

Flames Design Tutorial

Darryl Hollenbeck Displays his Lace TechniqueLace Technique – Darryl Hollenbeck

Darryl Hollenbeck shows how to create an old-school lace effect in just a few simple steps. It's a throwback style from the 1960s, one that Hollenbeck describes as a bit of a lost art. A touch of lace goes a long way, he acknowledges, but on the right project in the right amount, it's killer. You can find examples of the effect on his Iron Orchid and 1959 Ranch Wagon.

Lace Technique Guide

Ryan Korek's 3-D Layered Effect Technique3-D Layered Design – Ryan Korek

Ryan Korek demonstrates how he created a razor-sharp design. Ryan's three-dimensional design calls for bold, high-gloss colored graphics "drop shadowed" over a matter gloss silver charcoal metallic base. Ryan employs the unusual technique of "working backwards," that is, starting with applying the color layers first that other painters typically would do after spraying the base color.

3-D Layered Effect Guide

Variant Shading TechniqueVariant Shading Technique – Paul Stoll

Mono on mono: how variant shades of a single color can be creatively applied to craft a beautifully understated custom finish. The paint scheme for John Hayes' Corvette was conceived by Paul Stoll, PPG training instructor and accomplished painter. The design builds on the original Switchblade Silver paint finish and makes use of four "coarser" custom variant colors.

Variant Shading Technique Guide

Jeremy Seanor's Faux Distressed TechniqueFaux Distressed Technique – Jeremy Seanor

Here's how to give your paint finish the classic signs of distress. It's one of the hottest trends in the world of customizing and restoration. The only problem is, with a traditional paint application, you'd have to wait decades to achieve that vintage appeal naturally. Thankfully, Jeremy Seanor, owner of Lucky Strike Designs Custom Paint and a PPG technical refinish instructor, shows you how to help shorten that time by creating a distressed-looking faux patina.

Faux Distressed Technique Guide

Charley Hutton Demonstrates a Wood Grain TechniqueWood Grain Technique – Charley Hutton

Charley Hutton, custom painter extraordinaire, explains how to create a realistic wood grain look with a few simple tools and ENVIROBASE® High Performance basecoat. A painted wood-grain effect is one way to add a distinctive look to your custom build. In this guide, Charley demonstrates how to paint a panel with one style of wood in the center, framed by another wood grain look.

Wood Grain Technique Guide


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