Aerosol Packaging Guidelines

PPG is committed to producing superior quality automotive refinish coatings that provide high performance functionality while also maintaining our commitment to good product stewardship. As part of this commitment, PPG does not support and recommends against filling PPG automotive refinish coatings into aerosol containers.

Repackaging PPG refinish coatings products into aerosol containers can cause performance problems with the coatings and can trigger regulatory implications for the party performing the repackaging. Since PPG does not specify the type or quality of propellants, solvents or hardeners that could be introduced in filling aerosol containers, the performance characteristics and stability of the coating product can be adversely affected and potentially diminish key performance attributes such as, among other things, durability. For this reason, PPG provides no warranty for products filled in aerosol containers by any third party without PPG’s prior written consent.

PPG specifically prohibits the use of PPG’s name or any of its registered trademarks on aerosol containers without a prior written agreement. Repackaging PPG’s refinish coatings into aerosol containers with the distributor’s name on the label can cause that distributor to be subject to the United States Environmental Protections Agency’s (“EPA’s”) National Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards for Aerosol Containers, 40 C.F.R. §§ 59.500 et seq. and/or California Air Resources Board's (“CARB’s”) Regulation for Reducing the Ozone Formed from Aerosol Coating Product Emissions. Under these regulations, a distributor may be required to register with the EPA (and CARB if they operate in California), maintain records and/or comply with Maximum Incremental Reactivity limits assigned for each coating category.

A distributor that repackages PPG’s refinish coatings into aerosol containers and sells those containers into commerce can become subject to the hazard communication standards of the Occupational, Safety and Health Administration, which can require, among other things, specific warnings on labels, publication of Safety Data Sheets and a 24-hour emergency response telephone number. PPG cannot and will not provide support with these requirements for distributors or anyone else who repackages PPG’s refinish coatings into aerosol containers.

Therefore, PPG believes it is in the best interest of our distributors, collision centers, and vehicle owners that PPG’s refinish coatings are applied by trained professionals, using industrial spray equipment under controlled conditions. This is consistent with good product stewardship practices and PPG’s commitment to maintaining product performance.

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