VM450x Crystallance<sup>®</sup> Glass Flake Collection
VM450x Crystallance® Glass Flake Collection

The CRYSTALLANCE® glass flake collection contains six unique pigments that create bright finishes with intense sparkle and flare. The brilliant effect of these pigments is very evident in sunlight, and is ideal for jobs where an intense, dazzling shimmer is desired.

Offered in five colored glass flakes and one unique silver coated glass flake, these easy-to-mix pigments can be added directly to basecoat, ground coat or mid-coat to create an exceptional sparkle effect.

Crystallance Glass Flakes

VM4501 Silver
VM4502 Sapphire
VM4503 Jade
VM4504 Garnet
VM4505 Topaz
VM4506 Opal

Can be used in conjuncton with the systems shown below:
DELTRON® DBC 2000 Refinish System
ENVIROBASE® High Performance Refinish System
DBC500 Color Blender
D895 Color Blender
VWM5556 VIBRANCE COLLECTION® Waterborne Midcoat
VWM500 Vibrance Collection Custom Midcoat

See the product technical bulletin below for directions for use and appropriate mixing ratios.

Effects – Crystallance®
VM450x CRYSTALLANCE® Glass Flakes

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