Starfire aluminum pigments

With a rainbow selection of colored aluminum pigments, the STARFIRE™ paint system offer endless possibilities for creating a shimmering custom finish that will set your prized possession afire with arresting flair.

Add StarFire distinctive color pigments directly to DELTRON® basecoat color for a special effect or use it as a ground coat under a wild translucent, mid-coat dye from RADIANCE® II. Either way, you can't go wrong in creating a look that sets your vehicle apart from the pack.

Choice of colors

  • VM4205 Orange
  • VM4207 Blue
  • VM4210 Green II
  • VM4211 White
  • VM4212 Yellow II

The StarFire collection of mythology-inspired colors

  • 926242 Osiris Green
  • 926244 Apollo Gold
  • 926245 Ares Blood Red
  • 926246 Poseidon Deep Blue Sea
  • 926247 Demeter Green
  • 926248 Aphrodite Seafoam
  • 926249 Hermes Soulful Yellow
  • 926250 Artemis Blue
  • 926252 Hera Violet
  • 926253 Athena Bronze
Sample Gallery
PPG Products Used
  • StarFire Hermes Soulful Yellow 926249
  • StarFire Ares Blood Red 926245
  • StarFire Orange VM4205
  • VC5200 Custom Clear
PPG Products Used
  • StarFire Athena Bronze 926253
  • DMD 1698 Medium Aluminum Gold
  • VC5200 Custom Clear
PPG Products Used
  • StarFire Blue VM4207
  • StarFire Artemis Blue 926246
  • StarFire Poseidon Deep Blue 926246
  • Radiance II Black for drop shadow on flames (DMX 219)
  • VC5200 Custom Clear
PPG Products Used
  • StarFire Yellow II VM4212
  • StarFire Osiris Green 926242
  • Stripes: Radiance II Black (DMX219) with Liquid Crystal Emerald (VM4101)
  • VC5200 Custom Clear
PPG Products Used
  • StarFire Apollo Gold 926244
  • StarFire White VM4211
  • Highlight: FLAMBOYANCE® Gold (VM4142) to White (VM4141)
  • VC5200 Custom Clear