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Shop-Line J01–J07 Limited Use Toner

August 12, 2013


The SHOP-LINE® brand introduced the concept of the “limited use toner” with the launch of the Shop-Line Plus Diamond toners. A toner is designated “limited use” if it appears in only a small number of color formulas. “Limited use” status is built into Shop-Line brand customer color retrieval systems. When a customer accesses a color formula which contains a “limited use” toner a warning is shown:

WARNING contains J0X limited use toner.
Please check available stock prior to mixing.

Limited Use Toner – Change of Status

The “limited use” status assigned to a toner is not permanent and can be changed as the number of color formulas containing the toner increases. It is planned that the following Shop-Line Plus toners will have the “limited use” status removed because the number of color formulas containing the toner has grown significantly.

Toner Description # of Formulas
Silver Diamonds
Gold Diamonds
Russet Diamonds
Blue Diamonds
Red Diamonds
Green Diamonds
Copper Diamonds

These Shop-Line Plus Diamond toners launched in April 2012 and provided enhanced color matching capability to the Shop-Line Plus color platform. The number of matches containing these toners is increasing daily.

The removal of the “limited use” status means that the warning will no longer be displayed on customer color retrieval systems.

Color Information-Timing

The change of status will be reflected on all Shop-Line brand customer color retrieval systems. “Limited use” status will be removed from all Shop-Line Plus Diamond toners. This change will be reflected on the PAINTMANAGER® internet update and On-line Color in August, 2013 and included in the August, 2013 PaintManager software CD.


The launch of the Shop-Line Plus Diamond Toners was accompanied with a recommendation to control distribution. Since the “limited use” toners were only used in a small number of color formulas it was recommended that distributors control the distribution only to customers which needed them. The “limited use” warning alerted the customer to the presence of the toners in the formula before starting to mix. Removal of the “limited use” status means that no warning will show.
It is recommended that distributors order enough inventories of J01-J07 to be able to supply those customers which have not already ordered it. It is also recommended that distributors sell the toners to those customers before the August 2013 color updates are received.

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